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Our vision is to become the first and most accessible consultant and reference who is providing reliable solutions for shipping cargos from the perspective of owners of goods by the end of 2022, in a way that They know us as an honest and always present pundit in their business and commerce.

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This is our perennial belief that the highest value that can be presented to the owners of commercial goods by sea, air, rail and road is comfort which is born only by creating trust and confidence in their mind. Hence, we have formed an efficient team whose priority is to gain the trust and confidence of customers with the aim of creating ease and comfort for business owners. This team is a combination of experience and Youthful vivacity that prepares unique experiences for its valued customers.

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World’s Largest Cargo Ships

Launched in 2019, MSC Gülsün is currently the largest cargo ship in the world. Operated by Mediterranean Shipping Company, the Panama-flagged ship is the first

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مخترع حمل و نقل کانتینری

The History Of Containers

ast month, the British Council celebrated its 80th anniversary and created a list of 80 moments that shaped the world in the last 80 years.

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